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Management Committee

Little Oaks is a registered charity (charity no. 1066952), accountable to the Charity Commission. It is a legal requirement for Little Oaks to have a functioning Management Committee and without one, Little Oaks could not exist. As such, it is managed by an elected committee made up of parents, carers or members of the wider community, and not by a profit making company or the Local Authority. 

The day to day running of the preschool is the role of the Setting Manager and staff who maintain a close relationship with the Committee. The Committee has the ultimate responsibility for ensuring that Little Oaks is a safe, happy place for our children to thrive. This includes: the management of staff, finances, policies and strategic planning for the future; this all ensures that the management of Little Oaks is true to our constitution. Little Oaks is a member of the Early Years Alliance and support is available specifically for the Committee from the County Council. 

The success of Little Oaks is dependent upon a dynamic and diverse committee to maintain and maximise relationships between all members of the preschool community and relies upon utilising your skillset, experiences and talents. Little Oaks welcomes everyone to attend management meetings however, there may be occasions when non-members will be asked to leave if confidential matters arise, which will normally be placed last on the agenda. These meetings are held every half term. 

The Committee has important and essential duties. It is also a fun and sociable way of being involved in what is an important part of your child's life. You will meet other parents, get to know the preschool and staff and be involved in some important decisions and plans. There are opportunities for personal and professional development and it is a positive addition to a CV. 

The Committee is elected at the Annual General Meeting. Our next AGM will be held on Tuesday 24th September 2024 at 7.30pm.

If you would like more information about joining the committee please email


Current Management Committee

Chairperson: Jo Boyland

Treasurer: Becky Rees

Secretary: Ruth Faulkner

Committee Member: Kath Bell

Committee Member: Alice Hart

Committee Member: Rebecca Hodgkinson

Committee Member: Olivia Crawley

Committee Member: Natalie Tanner

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